How to Order

Orders can be taken by phone, fax, email or by filing out an order form.


ZARGES GmbH & Co. KG has long led the aluminum processing industry in developing new products and translating them into innovative solutions for packaging, storage and transport. They pair this technical expertise with unparalleled customer service, to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied.

About Zarges

The Zarges company was founded in 1933 by the Zarges brothers in Germany as the first light alloy construction company in Europe and has since developed a series of lightweight, rugged shipping cases distributed throughout the world. They lead competitors with continuous product improvement and regular product innovations.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is a structural material that is both lightweight and strong. It is typically 1/3 the weight of steel and unlike synthetic materials (plastic), it does not require ribs, gussets and/or bosses incorporated in the design of a case to derive strength.


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