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Arctic Kingdom has run expeditions for tourists, film crews, and scientists for more than a decade. We spend an immense amount of time in drysuits under the arctic ice during the Canadian summer months, and recommend these arctic-quality drysuits for nearly any activity.

Arctic Kingdom provides equipment and outfitting services for logistically demanding expeditions for tourism companies, filmmakers and scientists. Since 1999, we have led over 20 significant expeditions which have generated over 30 feature articles in magazines around the world and television shows viewed by over 30 million. We have worked with National Geographic, BBC, NDR, OLN, Ushuaia/TF1 and on a multi-year cinema movie in progress. We have led expeditions to Lancaster Sound and the Northwest Passage, the Foxe Basin, Hudson Bay and outfitted projects to Greenland and Alaska. Our expeditions have been rated as one of the “Top 25″ by Explore Magazine in Canada for three years in a row. We are the world’s only expedition company to be recognized by both PADI and TDI as a 5-Star Facility and are a corporate member of Nunavut Tourism and the Diver’s Alert Network

Polar Outfitting Catlogues

In addition to cases we also offer polar expedition gear, from tents and satellite phones to snomobiles and parkas.

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